We do our best to ensure that the customer always receives the best quality product that the industry has to offer. When possible, the ice cream that we've chosen to carry use bulky flavorings (i.e. real cookies, real peanut butter, real fruit) and not a flavored syrup.  And the donuts are carefully created each night for you to enjoy each morning.



People always ask if we are a franchise. The answer is NO. We are independently and locally owned. The idea came after visiting a similar self-serve shop with some out-of-town friends. It was a blast getting the shop from an idea to reality, but it has even been more rewarding seeing the excitement of individuals, kids and adults alike, when they come and try what we have to offer. The community support is truly overwhelming. For that we would like to say thank you!


Another question that we are always asked is where did you come up with the name Muddy Monkey. We don't really have a great answer for that other than to say that we wanted something unique and fun. From the response that we've had, I think that we hit the nail on the head with this one.

From our family to yours....enjoy!



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Muddy Monkey LLC

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Richmond, IN

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